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There is no way to tell exactly how long a tire lasts. The lifespan and mileage of a tire depends of a combination of factors: its design, the driver’s habits, the climate, the road conditions and the care that’s put into the tires.

You can increase your tire’s longevity by maintaining the correct air pressure, performing regular tire rotations and vehicle maintenance.For original equipment: follow the vehicle manufacturer’s tire replacement recommendations. A few milestones and tips:

  • Tires become undependable after 5 years
  • Proper care expands a tire’s lifespan
  • Try not to mix tires, and use same size for all wheels
  • Check for any abnormal bulges or “bubbles” during usage

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Here are the most common tire problems we fix:

Tires can get damaged for a numerous of reasons, and it can occur without the driver being immediately aware there’s an issue. As this being the only point of interaction your car has with the road, it is likely that the major cause of complications you experience with your automobile will be due to your tires. The most usual sorts of damages are cuts, punctures, impacts, bulges, cracks and irregular wear. In this segment, we will explain the symptoms and signs to support and identify the issue, and some beneficial tips on how to avoid them. Certain issues are more common than others and these will be viewed on our site, along with what your immediate response should be.

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