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All drivers know that putting your foot on the brake slows the vehicle down, however, many do not know exactly how the brake system works. Good driving ethics and cautious driving can prolong brake life.
Over time, brakes can fail for several reasons; a leak of fluid in the hydraulics can cause weak or failed brakes. Additionally, over time, the frequency and intensity of the application on the braking system can wear the brakes and component parts: these need to be monitored, serviced and as they deteriorate replaced.

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Eldon’s Automotive Repair Specialists offers complete brake inspections and repairs. Our certified technicians can quickly inspect and diagnose a number of brake issues, including worn brake pads, warped rotors, or replacement of your braking system.

Our goal is to keep your car on the road in the safest way possible. Contact us today and let us help you keep your car running smoothly,

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Low Brake Pedal and Fluid
Worn Brake Pads
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